Site to post free ads: a place to buy and sell a car

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Have you heard about as well? In many places they write about it and highlight its advantages. Its Facebook group Dalder Preces / Товары already has 87 thousand participants. Feels as if there is a huge buzz around the portal - it's said to be an advertising portal of the latest generation that offers a number of innovative functions, increases the safety of the deals and actually has turned into a serious market platform. It is a site to post free ads and at the same time - there are more advanced marketing tools available. also decided to try out to make sure about the usefulness of the new portal's features. We will tell you more about our experience of buying and selling a car below, because as we found out really does improve the quality of the cooperation between a buyer and seller and helps to make sure of the identity and trustworthiness of the other party involved even before the first meeting. Read more about how helpful this site may be when it comes to car deals and why we recommend using it for both buying and selling a car!

Start your business HERE!

When joining soon we realized that this is the right place to start your car sales business, create a brand and gain more recognition as a new entrepreneur. For someone, selling a car is an event that repeats itself only a few times in a lifetime - even though we cannot call it a car business, still helps also in those kinds of times by promoting sales of each next car put in the market. On the other hand, for those that have decided to make a living out of selling cars, provides all necessary tools to create a successful marketing strategy.

By registering on, one can create a business, a self-employed or a private profile. An enterprise can enter its name and create a description in the About us section. Each registered user gets a free website and its maintenance is also free of charge. Already now there are registered car sellers that advertise it on other websites and social networks as their official site. It has everything that a professional website requires, including a section of reviews. Taking into account that it is important to any entrepreneur as it helps to expand the business, reach more clients as well as gain more credibility, we can surely conclude that a car seller in receives a tremendous support for the growth of the business.

A website to buyers?

A factor that surprised us especially was the multifunctionality of the website. Each registered user obtains a personal website. And it serves both as a sellers and a buyer's profile at the same time. Therefore, reviews can be left for the same profile both about what kind of buyer and seller the particular user has been. Most often we can find reviews only about the seller, but the trader never can find anything about the client in turn. At least until now.

On the identification is reciprocal. The buyer can read about the seller, but also the seller can gain information about the buyer. It is of utmost importance especially when it comes to car renting - whether it is car rent for the wedding day or a periodical renting of one's car when going abroad any car owner wants to be sure to entrust the car to an honest and responsible driver.

Where is the value?

Any innovation gains popularity if it has value and a potential to improve the way how things have been done. As we have made sure, the profiles created on undoubtedly do add valuable information to the ad and increase the chances of identifying both seller and buyer.

The review section enables buyers to make sure about the honesty of the sellers. Unfortunately, there are sellers that keep on selling low-quality cars that break on the first turn. Others sell used cars from abroad that later on are found to be in a very bad technical condition - they may be even put together from two crashed cars.

On none of the classifieds portals those stories can be read as the history of the car disappears altogether with the ad erased by the seller. Thanks to such stories won't stay concealed anymore. Therefore, there is a higher chance that dishonest traders won't even register on the site. Because of that, we conclude that is a much safer platform in comparison to any other classifieds portal in Latvia if one hopes to buy a car successfully.

What we appreciated the most was precisely the feedback. After concluding the deal, both sides can leave their evaluation (there is a rating system of 5 stars). The seller indicates how pleasant it was to cooperate with the specific buyer, but the buyer - with the seller. In the future it helps both sides to conclude deals more successfully.

Research shows that clients are more likely to make the purchase on a website that has reviews, and even 1 review can influence the sales volume. But when a buyer makes a purchase next time at another company, the seller will be able to take a look at others' experience stories. For example, when it comes to car rent, it is especially important to gain a sense of safety and confidence that the car will be handed over to someone trustworthy and responsible.

Try it out as well!

We recommend to our readers as a great platform to buy and sell a car. Besides, a great bonus is the site's pricing policy: all classifieds can be posted free of charge. An extra charge is set only for additional functions that may highlight the ad or promote it with the help of more advanced marketing tools. For example, such options as gifts, coupons and campaigns can be used to reach a wider audience. It may be a drive with an exclusive or a retro car, thus the old unused moskvitch or the desired Ferrari may turn into a new business idea.

It is pleasant to be a part of a market platform where identity is an integral part of the buying and selling process. The websites of the traders and buyers are very similar to the profiles of social networks - there is also a profile and background picture, a place for description and an option to enter one's name. surname or the name of the company. Besides, in the Contacts section one may indicate not only the phone number, email or address, but also a link to such social networks as Facebook,, Instagram and others.

Taking into account that in Latvia we not only speak Latvian or Russian, but also foreigners live, study and work here, we consider it especially useful for the creators of the website to have invested in the automatic translation of classifieds. Each ad is translated into Latvian, Russian and English; therefore, an opportunity to reach more people is ensured.

After evaluating the variety of functions and opportunities offered by, we have come to a conclusion that the buzz around the portal indeed does have a reason - many fresh and new features can be found there and they fundamentally change the way a classifieds platform can be used. And by learning about the advantages of the new portal, we are sure that we do not want to go back to the old fashioned and relatively poor toolbox of the common classifieds portals. It is just like going from the 1st Nokia to a cool smartphone.