Luxury carmakers are the first to be affected by the crisis. Layoffs at Bentley and Aston Martin

10-июн, 09;54 admin 1964
Luxury carmakers are the first to suffer from the crisis after the start of the coronavirus epidemic. British brands Bentley and Aston Martin recently announced layoffs after low demand for their models.

During the 2008 crisis, car manufacturers were also the most affected, except that Dacia introduced itself to the European market during that period and precisely because of the crisis. In the case of a crisis caused by a coronavirus epidemic, the most affected appear to be luxury car manufacturers with changing consumer habits.

Bentley, the luxury carmaker, will give up 1,000 employees. If employees leave the company voluntarily, they will receive financial support from management in their new careers. Due to the temporary closure of the plant, the company's revenue will fall by 20-30% throughout the year.
The British company, which is in the Volkswagen Group portfolio, has 4,200 employees at a factory in Crewe (UK) and will reduce their number by almost a quarter due to the crisis, according to Automotive News.

The job cuts will be made as part of a"voluntary release program." Those who leave voluntarily will have financial support from Bentley if they want to navigate another career. However, the program does not exclude future mandatory layoffs.