Batman's car accidentally got on the Internet. What does the new Batmobil look like?

10-июн, 09;33 admin 11 049
Batman's car got on the Internet. The new Batmobil was inadvertently revealed even by its Creator. It doesn't seem to have the approval of Warner Bros Studios.

The appearance of the photos on the Internet has unleashed a real storm among those who are looking forward to the upcoming production of the series. Even the Creator of the new Batmobil, Geoff frost, was the one who published them without, however, asking for the approval of Warner Bros Studios, who are producing the new bat-man film.

The Batmobile photos disappeared just a few minutes later. Moreover, Jeff frost's site is no longer active. Fans of Batman, however, managed to save the photos and distribute them in an online environment.
Images with the new Batmobil created a wave of discontent. The car disappointed those who are looking forward to seeing the film on the big screens. However, this will not happen until October 2021.

Bruce Wayne, first performed by Robert Pattinson, will thus headline Batmobil with retro influences. Fans expected to see a futuristic model. However, the Batmobile follows the lines of muscle cars American of the 70s, getting, as is natural, elements typical of the Batman series.