What is the most popular car in Europe during the full coronavirus pandemic?

10-июн, 08;56 admin 1756
The coronavirus pandemic has driven automakers to despair. Closed factories and increasingly low demand. But what is the most popular car in Europe during the General quarantine period?

The Volkswagen Golf was the most popular car in Europe in April, a month marked by restrictions imposed by a General quarantine. More than 7,800 new Golf owners have registered their new car. Golf lost its leading position in February.

The German model followed the Skoda Octavia and Renault Clio in a month when the European car market saw a 78% decline, according to a report compiled by Jato Dynamics based on data provided by 27 European Union member States.
And the Skoda Octavia has moved on from former leader Renault Clio, Moving to a score of 6,529 registered units. The French compact comes after itself at a distance of 159 units.

Also on the podium is the Ford Focus with 4,971 cars registered in April. The Opel Corsa marked 4,198 registrations, followed by the French brother Peugeot 208. the Volkswagen Tiguan was the first SUV in the ranking with 4,111 units. The German automaker has three models in the top 10. the Passat limousine is ranked 9th, and the T-Roc is ranked 10th. On the 8th in front of them is a Toyota Corolla.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/