What is the Opel Pure Panel and which cars will be equipped with the technology

10-июн, 08;53 admin 1537
Opel will release the second-generation Mokka next spring, but that doesn't mean it isn't trying to get our attention with teasers of the future model until then. Among them we also find a sketch with a panel Board "Pure Pane".

If we've already seen the first masked prototypes, we still don't know much about the interior of the future Mokka. Opel, however, says it will present a launch model for a new interior concept based on simplicity and the triumph of function over form. Opel calls it the Pure Panel, a fully digitized high-tech cockpit and at the same time comes down to the essential, so as not to unnecessarily distract attention from the steering wheel.
As with other models on the market, Opel is adopting the wacky habit of abandoning physical buttons in favor of hidden touch controls in the menu on the infotainment system screen. Opel promises, however, that the future interface will be equipped with the latest computer technology to provide the driver with relevant information "without disturbing visual stimuli".

"With the new Opel Mokka, we are providing our customers with an Opel Pure Panel for the first time. Wide screens integrated into a horizontal information surface, a minimal number of physical buttons and clear digital information to create an optimized customer experience” " says mark Adams, Opel's Vice President of design.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/