A Tesla Model 3 camera captured the moment the meteorite fell

10-июн, 08;45 admin 1895
The Sentry mode of Tesla cars captures all sorts of unusual things. From thieves who Rob cars to people who see and, more recently, film meteors approaching Earth.

Meteorites are not as rare as many people think. Every year, about 6,100 meteorites strive to get to earth, that is, an average of 17 meteorites every day! Therefore, it is not surprising that the video camera of a Tesla car records such an event.

As more and more Tesla's are on the road, we expect to see all sorts of entries that so far could not be so easily surprised. With so many cameras around, we all need to understand and accept that we are being tracked and recorded without our permission. This is life in the 21st century.

The car was just parked in a residential area of Hawaii. The owner of the car had just come down when he noticed a star in the sky that was getting bigger and bigger. At first he thought it was a plane approaching the nearest airport.
Sentry Mode is a very useful version of Tesla cars. The operating mode is simple. This allows you to record 360-degree video around the car with the same cameras and sensors that it uses when driving offline or preventing accidents. The difference with a conventional on-Board camera is that recordings are made when the car is parked, without the driver being present in the car.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/